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Diane was like a happy schoolgirl waiting for the big day to arrive and Don had lost five pounds worrying. The more he considered what they were planning, the wronger it seemed.

He finally came to terms with his conscience by promising himself he would be there only to provide the sperm. There would be pleasure of course, he couldn't get around that, but he would be there only long enough to inject the sperm, and then would leave. For one reason or another Diane and he hadn't done the deed since last Friday, an unusually long time, and his balls were loaded. He didn't think it would take long to perform his service, at least not Thursday night.

When they reached the resort, it was like a picture of what a quiet country lodge should be like. Joe had reserved two rooms with a connecting door. Which should make it easy to complete their plan.

When the women took off to walk around the garden on the ground, Don and Joe stepped outside for a walk themselves. They walked out onto the dock where they were completely alone where Joe laid out his plan for Don's approval. Joe would play bartender like usual and would feed Jenny and Diane doubles in some fruit coolers. He didn't think either gal could be able to spot the amount of alcohol she was drinking. As bartender in their room Joe was going to tell the wives he was fixing a special drink he'd been told about earlier in the week.

Joe told Don to wait half an hour after going to bed, or until he was sure Diane was sound asleep. He would come on through the connecting door into Joe and Jenny's room, which would be unlocked. When Don came in, Joe would step into Don's room where he would grab a chair and wait until Don came back. If it was too long a wait, he might lie down on the bed and nap while he was waiting. He just couldn't stay in the room while Don was fucking his wife.

Don told him it wouldn't be a long wait, but Joe told him to make sure the deed was done right. He figured it would take at least an hour and a half. And if the door was locked between the rooms when he was done, Don was just to rap softly. Joe would hear him and they would exchange rooms again.

Joe laughed suddenly, "Hey! I might fall asleep on the bed waiting for you. If that happens, just wait a few minutes and tap again." Joe was a light sleeper, and it wouldn't take much to wake up.

Going back to their rooms, the two guys went into Don's room. Don immediately opened the double connecting doors between the rooms. The door on Don's side opened with the just a turn of the doorknob. But he needed the key to Joe's room to open the second door into Joe's room from his room. The doors had little buttons below the latch on the edge of the door. He made a show of looking it over, and saw the upper button was pushed in.

He clowned to Joe about pushing the knobs, but left his door with the lower button pushed in, in the unlocked position when he was done. That way, leaving the door unlocked he figured he didn't have to rap on the door and maybe wake Diane or Jenny. That was the one weakness in the plan to his mind. They were both heavy sleepers though, and once asleep he didn't expect either to stir until around 3:00 AM when Diane usually had to make a trip to the john. The thing was, with all the booze they would be feeding her, she might not behave as she usually did.

They had a good time that night, but everyone was tired, so they went to their rooms early. Once there, Joe started making some seemingly innocent fruit drinks, but Don noticed the rum bottle seemed to be emptying fast even if his own drink was pretty bland. The doors between the rooms were both open, and at one point Joe went into Don's room and shut the two doors. Then he shouted loudly for Don to open the door. After a moment he came in grinning, and asked if anyone had heard him. The answer was an absolute no, so he made jokes about the reason for the management soundproofing the lodge so well.

By 11:15 PM Jenny was pretty snockered, and they decided to call it a night. Fifteen minutes later, everyone was in bed and as Joe was closing the doors between the rooms he commented that Jenny was already sound asleep. She was snoring, too, something she seldom did. Don was surprised, but Diane fell into a deep sleep within ten minutes after he turned the lights out. He waited another ten minutes then eased out of bed, just sliding out from under the covers. He was glad that for once Diane hadn't thrown an arm over him when she went to sleep. As he was heading toward the door, he passed the chair beside the dresser where he had undressed and left his clothes and the dot kit holding his bathroom gear. He pulled a tube of KY lubricant out and took it with him. Smiling to himself he imagined how he looked, buck-naked and carrying the tube of KY. Someone might get suspicious.

As Don opened the door on his side, and checked that the lower button on the door was still pushed in. The door was still unlocked. He tapped on the door to Joe's room and a couple seconds later, Joe opened the door. The two men passed one another trading rooms, and Don heard the door opening into his room snick shut as he shut the one on Joe's side.

Don headed to the bed where Jenny was sleeping. Joe had left the drapes opened slightly, giving barely enough light to allow him to see walk without running into things. He wished now he had done the same in his room. The room he left was pitch black.

Jenny was lying on her side, facing toward the window and away from where he was standing. He was happy to see she was mostly uncovered, and wearing a shorty nightgown. Leaning carefully over her sleeping figure, he slipped the gown up to her waist, and was surprised to see she wasn't wearing panties. Well, that made his job that much easier.

She was lying with her knees were drawn up, hugging a pillow tight to her breast. Don was paralyzed with conscience for a moment. Like all moderately attractive men, he hadn't had women crawling all over him, but he had received some pretty nice 'offers' for his services from women who weren't perhaps as constant to their men as Don thought was appropriate. He had been careful not to hurt their feelings, but had turned them all down.

Don believed strongly that when a man and woman promised themselves to one another, it was permanent. He felt that once the boundary of faithfulness was breached, it became easier and easier to ignore. He thought of it like a dam; once a leak started, it slowly grew as it eroded the strength around it that was holding the lake inside. Unless drastic and strong action was taken, the dam would finally break allowing the love it was holding to all drain out. He never meant to allow the doubtful pleasure in sex to endanger his marriage and life.

He and Diane had discussed it years ago, when they were dating. They were in complete agreement. He was even surer after Dave came along. His son deserved the base of a strong family to grow into and develop.

While watching Jenny, he uncapped the KY, and smeared his cock liberally. At one point he had been worried about getting an erection, but that was obviously not going to be a problem tonight. Jenny looked really good lying there, and it had been a week since he had any sex. After almost a week without sex, when he was used to getting it nightly, he was big as he got and hard as a rock.

Gently lying down behind Jenny, he moved so his groin was next to hers, then put his cockhead directly against her pussy. The KY and the steel of his cock pushed open her pussy lips easily, and a little flex of his hips was all it took for him to slip easily all the way up into her tightness. Jenny sighed as he entered her, and he held still. He couldn't help just soaking in the pleasure of her cunt surrounding his cock.

It felt so good, he wanted to just hold it there, but he remembered his vow to himself, and to Diane too though she would never know of it. This was not for anyone's pleasure, and he would not allow himself to use her as pleasure. He had a woman already, a marvelous one. She was the one for his pleasure.

Pushing again, he felt his cock push against her cervix and heard her breath catch in her throat. He decided to try something he had considered in the past. Without withdrawing his shaft he started a series of pushes against Jenny's cervix. He had noticed the different pleasure it seemed to give him, and he was convinced he could bring himself to ejaculation with only this. And if the gal was horny, he was sure he would be able to get her off, also.

As he continued his thrusts into her pussy, he heard Jenny's breathing was coming faster. She was already panting. Putting both hands on her shoulders, he started pulling her body down onto his erection every time he pushed up. Almost at once, he could feel his balls tighten, and felt the pussy in which he was buried begin to spasm around the pole jammed hard and deep into its smooth, wet, slick depths.

It seemed like only seconds before the first shot left his over-filled balls to shoot out through his shaft and splash hard against his friend's wife's cervix. It was followed by another and then yet another, all stronger than the last. He was sure he was injecting his semen directly into her womb, where it would do the most good. Then he seemed to be ejaculating small blasts almost continually. It seemed like minutes before his balls were emptied. For a moment he felt lightheaded after the monster cum.

Don felt empty, and the orgasm seemed to have lasted longer than any before in his experience. When his jism stopped pumping into Jenny, he had to lie quietly to catch his breath and get his heart back near normal. From the sound of her breathing, Jenny may have slipped back into a deeper sleep. He could understand that, it was all he could do not to drop off himself after that. He was sure she had been half-awake and enjoying what he hoped was her impregnation.

Totally exhausted, Don lay for just a moment to catch his breath and enjoy the sensation of his cock being buried totally within the sleeping woman's vagina.

He suddenly shook himself, realizing he had drifted off into sleep. Glancing at the small travel alarm clock Joe had set on the bedside table, he was relieved to see he had been under for twenty minutes at the most. What amazed him was the erection he still sported. And which was still buried deeply in the lovely woman still sleeping with her back against him.

As he relaxed a moment longer, he became aware his hips were gently working his cock in and out of Jenny's quim. It was only seconds before he became lost in the sensation, and without thought began slowly building the rhythm. He was lost again when he felt Jenny's hips responding, and little ripples began running through her deep-well, up and down his buried shaft.

It was only moments before the two were again lustily fucking at one another. Deep in his mind, Don knew he had to stop but it was now impossible. If he stopped now, he reasoned she would surely awake and ask why her lover would leave her gasping and unfulfilled. The smell of sex surrounded him, complimenting the sucking, smacking sounds as his prong shafted in and out of Jenny's quim.

When the word 'unfulfilled' flashed into his mind, he almost laughed. What he did do was to unintentionally give two mighty thrusts into her, tipping her over the edge, and she had a screaming orgasm.

Frightened she was now wide wake and would roll over and discover it was his cock buried within her, Don snuggled up next to her back and threw his upper arm around her. His hand landed directly on a breast, and he began kneading it, gently stroking a finger over the nipple and then pinching and pulling the nipple. He was still buried in her, stroking in and out, continuing her climax far past what he considered normal. He had not yet emptied himself into her belly for the second time.

Giving in, knowing only one way the charade could be completed successfully, he began enthusiastically fucking the women he was buried in.

And she was as enthusiastic in her response!

While Don and Diane had used this position once or twice before, it was not a familiar one and the novelty began driving his pleasure higher. This was going to be the last eruption for the night. Though it was dark, he didn't trust Jenny not to recognize a stranger was stupping her, if she glimpsed him as he pulled out of her bed. And he knew only one way to ensure his identity was hidden from the now gasping, moaning woman who was enthusiastically fucking him and his rod that was now driving desperately into her.

Jenny suddenly screamed, which scared Don. It almost, literally, scared the piss out of him. If he weren't so hard he knew later it probably would have. As it was, it had no effect on his rampant member, which he now held deep and hard buried in the cunt that was spasming around it again.

When she came down from that climax, Don began experimenting. By shifting his hips he could change the 'angle of attack' and produce new and different sensations within the struggling Jenny. With his upper arm he left her tit and moved down to her bush where he began fondling her sex from the front even as he drove repeatedly into her from the back. He worked the other arm under her, and trapped her lower breast and went to work on it.

And everything he did at that point seemed to give her another cum; small, huge, in between, one after another they came and still she fucked on.

Don now believed the only way he could escape from this was to fuck her into exhaustion again. And even as randy as he now felt, he wasn't sure he could outlast this mad woman, now insane around his cock.

They fucked, then fucked some more and Don could now feel his own cum building in his balls again. The thought came that while he had been known to blast his sperm several times a night, it took at least an hour between shots. Raising his head he again glanced at the clock. They had been fucking for over an hour since he woke from the small nap.

Feeling the impending explosion in his gonads, knowing he could hold out mere minutes longer Don stretched down with the hand cupping her bush. Extending his middle finger he laid it on her clit, and started firmly but gently pushing down with the rhythm of their fuck.

He could feel and hear Jenny gasp and shudder at the new sensation. His semen blasted out of him again, directly against her cervix and into her uterus. To him, it felt even greater than the first one that had emptied his balls that evening.

And it was enough.

Jenny shrieked, clenching her entire body she shook and spasmed around him. He crushed her to him with his arms, and kissed and chewed the back of her neck. And it seemed to go on and on and on.

Then it was over.

Don was holding an unconscious woman in his arms. He was afraid for a moment he had done her some harm, but her soft purr as she lay there convinced him she was fine. He worked his arm out from under her, covered her up, and staggered off the bed on weak and unsteady legs.

Grabbing the KY, he made it to the connecting doors and tried to open them to escape. The one opening into Joe's room opened but the one he had left unlocked into his room was now locked.

Leaning tiredly against the doorjamb, he rapped gently praying that Joe would hear. It must have been ten minutes before Joe heard him and opened the door.

Don started to whisper to him, but Joe put a hand over Don's mouth and mouthed, "We'll talk tomorrow, old buddy." Then he quietly passed into his own room and shut the door behind him.

Don was left standing in the inky blackness of his own room and listening to the night sounds. He heard his wife rustling in the bed as she turned to a more comfortable position. Satisfied she was still asleep, but now worried sick, he stumbled his way over to his bed and crawled into it. Some of his worry was eased when Diane cuddled up to him and murmured, "I love you, you big lunk."

Suddenly he felt sick, what if she needed loving now. He pulled her close and whispered, "I love you too, Diane. But I'm pretty tired now, can we wait until tomorrow?"

There was a strange timbre in her voice, almost brusqueness when she answered, "I'm tired, go to sleep." Then Diane curled up on her side of the bed and seemed to drop off into a restless sleep. Don puzzled about her response, something seemed off beat. But he was tired and thought of it for only a moment. He just accepted he had awakened her from a deep sleep, partially caused by too much rum, and she wanted to go back to sleep.

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