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Sex Story

"I'm really sorry to dump this on you on such short notice, Keith, but I don't have any choice," Jack Barrington said.

Keith Dalton could see his plans for that night dissolving into thin air as he skimmed over the file his boss had just laid on his desk. Today was his anniversary, and he and his wife, Susie, had planned to go out for dinner that evening, then head home for some much-needed sex. He had just completed an important project earlier in the week, and was hoping the pace at his office would slack up for a day or two so he and Susie could enjoy some quality time together.

But now it looked like he'd be stuck in the office way into the night on another bid proposal that HAD to be in the hands of the prospective client by 9 a.m. the next day. It had been a project that another manager had been working on, but that person had been in a bad car wreck the night before and was going to be out indefinitely.

So Keith was going to have to spend the day getting up to speed on the proposal, then he was going to have to work overtime to get the thing done before the next morning. And judging by what Keith had seen as he skimmed the file, he could tell that his colleague had been behind, which was why the man had been working late the night before trying to catch up to make the deadline, and, thus, why he'd dozed off while driving home, causing the wreck that had put him in the hospital.

"I know I don't have to tell you how important this contract is to the company," Jack continued. "You're the best man I've got, and I didn't want to trust this to anyone but my best."

"Well, Susie's gonna be pissed," Keith said with a sigh, explaining to his boss about their plans.

"Oh, man, I really am sorry," Jack said, a genuine look of concern on his face. "If there was any other way... Look, I'll make it up to you. Get this done on time, and there'll be a nice fat bonus in it for you."

"I'm going to hold you to that, boss man," Keith said. "OK, I'll take care of it."

"Thanks, I know I can count on you," Jack said as he left Keith's office.

That's the price I pay for being good at my job, Keith mused. Jack was right, though. If the company had any hopes of getting the bid to the buyer on time, he was the only one who could do it. Jack could be a tough boss at times, but he was fair and compassionate, especially about his managers' family situations. If there had been any other option that could have left Keith free to keep his date with his wife, he would have found it.

But Keith was the best planner the company had, an executive who could get things done in a hurry, who could resolve any crisis, and who could do in the most cost and time-efficient way possible. And Keith was paid very well for what he did.

Well, I guess I'd better get started, Keith thought with a grimace.

As expected, his wife was not happy in the least when he reached her at home later that afternoon, after she'd returned from her job as a librarian for a local high school

"Why is it that you're the only one who can clean up everyone else's mess?" Susie asked with a touch of bitterness.

This had happened too many times in the 20 years Keith had been with this company. The Daltons had been married now 22 years, and like all couples, they had had their ups and downs. But lately things had been on the upswing. The younger of their two children had left home for college earlier that fall, leaving them with more freedom to be a little more uninhibited than they had been when the kids and their friends were under foot.

But the past few weeks had been stressful for Keith as his big project reached the final stages, and they hadn't had much time for intimacy. She'd so been looking forward to a nice evening out with her husband, then getting a nice, long fucking.

Susie moped around the house for a bit, grousing about having to spend her anniversary at home alone. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head, and she made a snap decision. She strode purposefully up the stairs to their bedroom and began to gather some things from her closet and dresser drawer. When she had what she needed laid out on the bed, she headed for the bathroom and began to fill the tub. She was grimly determined that she was going to get what she needed that night, even if she had to go out and get it herself.

Keith had plunged himself into his work, stopping only to eat a quick dinner at his desk of Chinese carry-out that he'd had his secretary bring in for him. She had stayed to help him until around 7 p.m., before he sent her home with his heartfelt thanks. It was almost 9:30 now, and he could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The sound of the elevator bell ringing at his floor didn't immediately register with Keith, he was so wrapped up in his work. When it did, followed immediately by the sound of sharp footsteps coming down the hall toward his office, he was profoundly puzzled. Who could that be? It didn't sound like the janitorial staff. They typically didn't make it to his floor until after midnight, a fact he knew from pulling a few all-nighters on previous projects.

Suddenly the door to his office opened, and he was greeted by a stunning sight. It was Susie Dalton, and she was exquisitely made up, her dark, shoulder-length hair was piled atop her head and her slender 5-foot, 10-inch frame was covered by a heavy raincoat.

"You need to take a break, big boy," Susie said, as she dropped her purse onto the sofa that sat against one wall of Keith's office. She untied the sash of the coat, pulled it off and let it drop to the floor. Keith just stared speechless at the sight of his wife's nearly-naked body, clad only in stockings, a garter belt and her high heels.

"Uh, yeah, I guess I do," Keith stammered. Susie strutted seductively around Keith's desk, reaching up to unfasten the clasp that held her hair up. She shook her head gently to let the long brunette mane flow over her shoulders, turned his chair slightly, so that she hovered over him, leaned down and offered him her mouth.

They kissed softly at first, but as their lips and tongues played together, and as Keith ran his hands softly up and down Susie's body, their passion began to build. Keith filled his hands with his wife's delectible A-cup breasts, and rolled the stiff brown nipples between his fingers.

"Happy anniversary, my love," Susie said, when they broke their embrace. "You sounded so dejected when you called, and after I got over my disappointment, I knew it wasn't your fault. So I figured you'd need a little pick-me-up right about now. So here I am."

Keith just laughed as he stood up and gathered Susie in his arms. He could feel his cock growing in his pants, and he could already feel the tension of the day melting away from the tender kisses from his wife. This was one of many reasons why he loved this woman, the fact that she'd had the audacity to come down to his office, with only a raincoat covering her nakedness, to give him what he badly needed, what they both badly needed.

If anyone could have seen them right then, they would have seen a handsome couple indeed. Keith was a well-built 6-1, with brown hair, now liberally streaked with silver, a thick moustache and a perpetual smile on his face. Susie was tall and slender, with a pretty, narrow face and piercing hazel eyes.

As they stood together, Susie slowly unbuttoned and removed Keith's dress shirt, then pulled the undershirt over his head. She ran her long, manicured fingers through his modest carpet of chest hair, lingering at his nipples, which were every bit as hard as hers. She bent down and took each of the rock-hard pebbles into her mouth, using her long tongue to circle his areoles. Even as she sucked at his chest, her hands were busy unbuckling his belt and unfastening his slacks. She pushed his boxers to the floor along with his pants, then softly hefted his already-throbbing dick.

"I think someone's ready to play," she said in a voice husky with lust. She pushed Keith back into his chair, squatted down and pulled off his loafers, then pulled his pants all the way off, until he was naked, except for his dark socks.

Susie was still squatted on her haunches as she leaned between Keith's legs and brought her face right up to his cock. She took a firm grip at the base of his scrotum with her left hand, pulling his cock and balls up, and as she did, a thick ball of precum poured out from the tip. She took her right index finger and scooped up the fluid with her long nail and brought it to her ruby red lips. Her tongue flicked out and licked all of the tangy liquid off her finger, then she went back for more.

Keith just stared, both at the incredibly erotic sight of his wife slowly licking up his precum and the way her pink pussy, with its thick frame of dark pubic hair, gaped open from her widespread legs. He could see the gleam of the wetness that signaled her intense arousal, and even as he stared, her right hand snaked between her legs and she began to languidly finger herself.

Susie inhaled her husband's manly aroma as she shivered with lust. She opened her mouth and began to slowly lick up and down the shaft of his cock, sawing his length between her lips. Just the thought of having Keith's nice, fat cock at her disposal sent another shudder through her body.

She loved everything about this man, but his iron-hard cock - and the way he could use it to please her - had been one of the first things that had attracted her to him when they had started dating. She had never gotten tired of Keith's lovemaking, even when they had gone through some difficult times when they weren't sure if their marriage would survive the stresses of careers and raising children.

Keith groaned as Susie lavished licks and sucks all up and down the purple shaft. They stared deeply into each other's eyes as she licked her way past the crown, opened her mouth wide and slid the head of his cock past her lips. She slowly sank over half of his cock into her mouth, until the head began to poke at the entrance to her throat, then she began to methodically work her head up and down, using both hands to add to the motion of her lips. Keith could actually see a lipstick ring two-thirds of the way down his shaft, and he tensed his body to keep from spewing his hard load before he was ready.

After sucking his cock vigorously for several minutes, Susie pulled her mouth almost all the way off Keith's cock and lightly scraped the head with her teeth, sending spasms of pleasure rocketing through her husband's body. She swirled her tongue around the sensitive area just under the crown, and Keith reacted like he'd been shot.

"Oh man!" he exclaimed. "You keep that up and I won't be responsible for what I do."

"And what would that be?" Susie asked playfully as she lightly stroked Keith's cock, hard enough to keep him at maximum strength, but not enough to send him over the edge.

"That would be cumming all over your pretty, sexy face," Keith said in a gasping tone of voice.

"Mmmmm, I might like that," Susie said. "Some other time. Right now, I need you to fuck me."

"As you wish, my lady," Keith said. This was turning into one of the great sexual experiences of their marriage, and he was in a fine mood, all thoughts of contracts and deadlines forgotten.

Susie stood up, and Keith turned her around, so her back was to his chair. She leaned over his desk and spread her legs, but instead of standing up and slipping his cock in her steaming box, Keith rolled his chair right up to his wife's backside, knelt onto the floor and brought his face right in between her legs. He breathed deeply of her musky essence, the dripping evidence of her passion. His tongue slid between Susie's labia and curled around her throbbing, swollen clit, then back up to bore into her depths.

"Ayyyyyy, God!" Susie wailed as a powerful orgasm began to pick up speed. "Oh, baby, that's sooooo goooood."

Keith used his lips and tongue with absolute abandon on his wife's twitching cunt, and she pulled her right leg up onto the desk to give him a wider target. Keith's hands kneaded Susie's taut butt cheeks as he slashed his tongue up her juicy furrow, up past her pussy until he found her puckered anus. He licked all over the tight brown opening, then used the tip of his tongue to work past the sphincter and into her ass, all the time briskly finger-fucking her sloppy pussy.

"Shhhhhheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiitttt!" Susie screamed as her climax began to come to a head. "Unnnnnnnnnnhhhh!"

Susie's body trembled from her head to her feet as her orgasm crashed through her body. She was only dimly aware, through the haze of her lust, that Keith had pulled his face and hands away from her body. He stood up, shaking with his own barely-controlled passion, and pushed his cock into Susie's pussy, all the way in one screaming, groaning thrust.

Keith didn't waste any time getting up to speed. He gripped Susie's hips in something close to a death grip and began to fuck his wife with all the abandon of a runaway train. He could feel all of the stress from the previous weeks, all of the frantic work of that day, flowing out of his body as he slammed his meat furiously back and forth in his wife's equally-frantic body.

They were hurtling on the fast track to a mindless explosion of lust, as Keith threw his head back, clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth in an effort to hold back the volcano of molten cum that was boiling in his balls. Susie was also hanging on the cusp of another, harder climax that was building strength in her gut, and she exhorted her husband to fuck her hard.

"Ah, ah, ah, yeaaaaaaaahh!" Susie gasped. "F-f-fuuuuuuuccccckk me, baaaaaayyyyyybeeeee!"

Keith couldn't hold it back. With a gasp and a grunt, he felt the electric sizzle of his orgasm igniting, then the rocky feeling of an intense cumload rifling through his cock. Susie also gasped as she felt Keith's cock swell, then spit out a rapid succession of hot, wet cumshots. Her body shuddered on the desk as her second climax roared through her.

For long seconds after the initial explosion, Keith kept driving his cock deep in Susie's liquid pussy, firing little aftershocks of cum deep in her body. When he had finally shot all of the cum he had to give, he was still in the grip of the fuck frenzy, so he quickly pulled his cock from his wife's gaping hole. He stared mesmerized as his hot cum began to flow out past her lips.

He quickly turned Susie around, so that she was leaning back on the desk, spread her legs as wide as they'd go and buried his face in her overflowing cunt. He lapped up all of the cum that poured from her, licking her sensitive clit and sucking her pussy into his mouth, until finally Susie had to pull his head away from her overstimulated pussy.

But she wasn't quite finished, either. She pulled Keith up, so that he was standing, then she slid off the desk until she was squatting on the floor. She grabbed Keith's slimy cock and carefully licked every bit of their commingled juice from his dick, then slipped the entire length into her mouth for one last taste of his manhood.

Then she stood up again and they embraced, kissing long and slow, the kiss of lovers of long standing, lovers who have just found a way to light an unexpected spark in their relationship.

"How much more have you got to do here?" Susie asked when they broke apart.

"Maybe an hour, if that," Keith said.

"Good, because I want some more of this," she replied, giving her husband's dick one final squeeze before turning him loose. She strutted slowly to the sofa and sat down to wait for Keith to finish. "I think I'll stay to give you some incentive to hurry up and get this job done."

Keith had a smile on his face and a song in his heart as he briskly completed the proposal under the lustful gaze of his loving wife. There was indeed more good, hot sex for the couple when they made it home, and Keith earned himself a nice bonus from his grateful boss, all the more when the company's bid won the contract.

Susie Dalton proved that night that her love for Keith was the most important thing in her life. Instead of letting her disappointment over the change in their anniversary plans fester into a bad decision, she had turned what could have been a marital conflict into a delightful opportunity to show her man just how much she loved him.

You see, sometimes it does pay to work late.

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