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My wife, Tami, was taking a long hot shower. I took out our personal xxx video popped it in the VCR and hit the play button.

First, she did a long strip tease, then we got down to some serious fucking and sucking. As I was eating her to a series of multiple orgasms she walked into the room wearing her black teddy. Curling up next to me she watched as she moaned and bucked her hips in pleasure. As the film went on we watched as I pushed her legs back and apart, positioned myself and guided my shaft between her cunt lips.

"Ooh, I think I am about to get fucked by my big stud." She cooed in my ear, her hand gently stoking my thigh.

"I think your right." I responded. She watched, intently, as I slowly worked my cock into her slit. Then as I thrust into her she squeezed her thighs together and slid her hand to my crouch.

As the action continued on the video, she slid down to my lap, took my cock out and started to suck me as she watched.

My Tami is a very loving affectionate lady. She knows how important sex is to a relationship and she has learned the art of erotic sex. When I married her she was a virgin, and up until recently she had never known another man carnally.

Tami is a beautiful woman. She stands 5'4", weighs 105, long dark brown hair, with brown bedroom eyes, her ass is small and round, and her tits are firm and fill a C cup.

As I enjoyed the dual pleasures of watching myself fuck my wife on video, and the live action of her mouth sucking my cock, I wished again that I could do another video. But this time I wanted to have a cameraman, so the film angle could be changed and my favorite close-up shots could be done. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to convince my wife to let me find some one. For her, sexual activities are meant to be private.

As I climaxed in the video I was filling my sexy wife's mouth full of cum live. After she swallowed all I had to give, we curled up together and cuddled. After several minutes of gentle fondling and telling each other how much we loved one another, I thought I'd bring the filming subject up again.

"Tami, I sure would like to do another video with you." She smiled and gave me a wet kiss, her mouth still had the pungent odor and taste of cum.

"OK, sounds like fun." Tami said as she kissed my neck.

"You know, I really want to have someone work the camera...."

"I know...I...just don't think I could...besides who would you get?"

"I could find some college kid, a total stranger, pay him $20 bucks. That way I could get the shots I want."

"Well... I...ah, I've never been naked in front of any one except you. You know you're the only man I've been with."

"Tami, I am not asking you to do the guy. I just want him to film us."

"Well...I...guess...if it is that important to you.... Go find some college kid to work the camera."

I couldn't believe my ears; my wife was consenting to a long held fantasy of mine. What I didn't know, couldn't know, is what would happen once it began.

In appreciation of her agreeing to my fantasy, I gave her one of my special long cunt licking sessions, followed by a long hard fuck.

For the next several days I looked for a young college kid I felt my wife would be comfortable with. The young man I found was a sophomore, just a normal looking kid. Scott was nineteen around 5'10", 160lbs, dark brown hair and eyes.

Scott had a VCR in his room, so I showed him our xxx video. I wanted him to see us in action; I also wanted to explain to him how I wanted him to shoot the film.

Once we finished our pre-filming meeting I told him to come to my home Friday evening at 7. I also told Scott that I couldn't promise him any action, since my wife had never had another man. But, just in case, I told him to be sure he came fresh and ready.

Upon arriving, Scott was dressed like a typical college kid. He wore tennis shoes, no socks, cut offs and a T-shirt. My wife greeted him in her normal friendly manor, although I could detect some embarrassment on her part, because she knew he had seen the video of her.

My wife wore her sexy black high heels, black sheer nylons and garter belt, a sexy red skirt, no panties, her white silk blouse and a sheer bra that did not conceal her protruding nipples. I wanted her to look sluttish. In addition to the sexy clothing she wore her make-up heavy, emphasizing her eyes and lips.

The three of us spent the next hour, sipping wine, eating cheese and crackers and talking. It was important for my wife to feel comfortable with Scott; after all she was going to be performing intimate acts in front of him that prior to tonight, only my eyes were privy to.

My wife was now relaxed. She and Scott were talking and laughing, she seemed to be enjoying his company.

"Scott, get your camera out, I am going to put some dirty dancing music on so Tami can entertain us with a strip-tease." I figured it best to let her ease into this evening's adventure with something less intimate than performing sex acts.

Scott went over to the table, and began setting the camera up as I loaded the CD player. Tami stood and looked nervously, no doubt thinking about the fact she was going to be revealing her nudity to another man for the first time.

"All ready." Scott announced. "Great, let the music and stripping begin."

With that I hit the play button of the CD player. Music began to fill the room, and Tami at first just stood there. Then slowly, she began to move. First, timidly, with obvious embarrassment and awkwardness; then with more and more daring she began to bump and grind. Bending over, her back to Scott, she began revealing her bare ass for the camera.

After about ten minutes she was dancing totally nude, her modesty quickly disappeared, as she continued to move with the music.

"Spread'em, baby, spread'em wide for me!" I shouted.

Tami looked into the camera, and licked her lips suggestively, then she sunk to the floor, laid back pulling her legs back and apart, revealing her smooth pussy lips. Scott followed her down to get a close up of her pussy.

Lying on his stomach, Scott was just two feet from my wife's revealed sex. With her fingers she pulled her cunt lips apart and began masturbating for the camera. Slowly, she inserted her fingers into her wet whole. With her fingers wet with cunt lube, she gently massaged her clit. She gasped, and Scott quickly focused on her pleasure filled face.

Next, she got on her knees, legs apart, her breasts pressed to the floor. Again, Scott was there with the camera, capturing her vulgar display. As the music ended she quickly picked her clothes up, held them to her body, and blushed.

"Did you like that?" she asked, standing there turning her body about like a shy little girl.

"That was great, Tami, you could get a job as a striper in a heartbeat." I told her. "Yeah...." Scott added, "I bet any of the fraternities would hire you for a rush party."

Tami smiled appreciatively, and left the room to freshen up for the main reason Scott was there with the camera.

I am sure you all would like to read a suck by fuck description of the film Scott shot of Tami and me, as hot as it was, what happened after Scott zoomed in for my cum shot into Tami's mouth was much hotter and surprising.

Tami and I got up off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. I hugged her and thanked her for doing the film. She kissed me passionately, the taste of fresh cum in her mouth.

"Did you see the bulge in Scott's shorts?" she whispered in my ear.

"Ahh.. I didn't notice." I replied, thinking it curious that she would notice and point that fact out to me.

"Maybe, I...." Her voice fading.

"Maybe, what." I asked her.

Tami looked out the bathroom door to see where Scott was, then she again whispered in my ear.

"Scott must be really horny from filming, maybe I should give him a quick hand job and give him some release. What do you think?"

I looked at her wide-eyed; I smiled and told her she could do what ever she felt like doing. This was so typical of my wife. Always the gracious hostess my wife has a very giving serving spirit, she saw that a guest in her home had a need and she felt obligated to fill the need in someway.

With a lustful expression on her face she turned and walked into the bedroom. Still nude, she walked over to Scott and thanked him for being so nice. Looking down at his bulging shorts she said, "I see you have a big hard problem. Would you like me to give you a hand job before you go?" As she made her offer she gently touched his hairy thighs with her finger tips.

Scott tensed, and looked over at me for my reaction. I could tell he was excited and eager, but....

"Its' OK, Scott, what ever the lady wants to do is OK with me."

Tami took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. She took the bottom of his T-shirt in her hands and pulled it up and over his head. Scott's chest was hairier than mine. Tami gently stroked his chest hair and pinched his manly nipples. Next, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, freeing a hard six-inch cock. I watched as she knelt in front of him, helping him step out of his shorts. She looked up and stared at his youthful manhood throbbed in front of her.

She ran her hands lightly up and down his hairy legs, and then she gently took another man's cock and balls into her hands for the first time. Tami studied Scott's pole, and for an instant I thought she was about to take him in her mouth; but instead she rose up, took Scott by the hand and pulled him unto the bed.

Scott lay on his back, his hard cock resting on his belly. My wife sat cross leg next to him. I took the camera put a fresh film cartridge in, positioned the tri-pod, and turned it on to capture what ever.

Tami, smiling at Scott gave his upper body and legs a light fingertip massage, causing Scott to shiver in delight. Then she took his cock in hand and started to lightly jack him. Scott watched as my wife's hand stroked him so expertly, he moaned and rolled his hips appreciatively.

"May...I...touch you?" Scott asked nervously, his eyes focusing on my wife's tits.

My wife smiled, took his hand and placed it on her tit. Scott happily fondled and touched my wife's tits. Before long he was stroking her inner thigh, inching closer and closer to her pussy. At last he was running his fingers through Tami's silky pubic hair.

I watched, surprised and pleased with the bonus show my wife was giving. In addition to the fantasy we just fulfilled I wanted my wife to have a sexual experience with another man. Many times she wondered out loud as we were having sex if her lack of experience affected her ability to be all I wanted her to be in bed. Also, I sensed her wondering what it would be like to have sex with someone else. Would it be different?

Methodically, she stroked Scott's cock. Her eyes were fixed on this new cock. Scott was certainly worked up; pre-cum fluid flowed copiously from his cock, providing my wife's hand with plenty of lubricant. What happened next was unexpected and totally out of character for my wife. With her hand covered with pre-cum, she held Scott's cock and just starred at the glistening head, and then as another trickle of pre-cum oozed out she gave me a very naughty mischievous look. She moistens her slightly parted lips with her tongue and just starred at Scott's cock.

"May I..." she whispered to me with that shy little girl expression she had earlier.

I saw a hungry eager look in her eyes; my wife was asking permission to take her hospitality a step further. I just stood there playing with my stiffening cock smiling and nodded approvingly. Slowly, I watched her lower her mouth toward Scott's glistening cock. I held my breath and stared wide eyed as my sweet wife slipped another man's cock between her lips. Slowly, she turned her head about, her mouth opened and I watched as she tongued him.

Scott had his eyes closed enjoying the hand job and was unaware of my wife lowering her mouth to his cock until he felt her warm soft lips capture the head of his cock. Startled, he quickly looked up at me.

"Enjoy, Scott, enjoy.... What ever the lady wants to do is all right with me." I quickly reassured him and my wife.

Tami enjoyed the head of Scott's cock for a couple of minutes then she took him into her mouth deeper and deeper. Scott's cock was smaller than mine was, and as a result she easily was able to deep throat the kid.

I watched my wife suck Scott for ten minutes. Scott was moaning and bucking his hips involuntarily. Any moment I expected him to fill my sweet wife's mouth with his cum. Tami sensed his approaching release; she pulled her mouth off his organ letting it fall flat on his belly.

Gently, she ran her fingers through his chest hair as the young man's chest heaved. Next, she leans in to kiss him and as she did she swung her leg over him so that now she was lying on top of his body.

After a minute or so of hot French kissing she push herself up so she was straddling his body. I watched intently, knowing if she followed her normal pattern she would reach down take his cock in hand and impale herself on it. If she did this, then I would be witnessing my wife loosing her monogamous virginity. She already broke one major barrier by sucking another man's cock, now she was just a quick familiar move away from joining her body to another man.

She pulled his erect shaft against her belly, rubbing it across her pubic patch. Looking over her shoulder at me, her face flushed with lust and desire, her eyes seeking my continued approval. I nodded, as I stroked my now stiff cock. I wanted to see my wife fuck Scott. Watching her take him in her mouth was surprisingly hot; I now could hardly wait to see his cock penetrate her pussy.

Leaning forward slightly, ass raised, she guided Scott's cock between her wet cunt lips. Kneeling at the foot of the bed I watched as Tami lowered her self down on Scott's pole.

"That's it, Tami, fuck him, ride his cock, make him cum in you." I encouraged her, as I watched her cunt slide up and down on his cock.

Next, she straightened her legs out along Scott's and hooking her feet around his she laid there rolling her ass enjoy the new sensation of another man's cock. With her legs astride his she began humping her ass, fucking him as if she were the man and he the woman. Beads of sweet formed on her back, as she filled the room with shrieks and cries of pleasure. Then I watched in amazement as she ground her cunt down tight and hard on Scott's pubic bone and exploded in a screaming trashing orgasm.

When her pleasure subsided, she rolled over onto her back, pulling Scott on top of her; she pulled her legs back and apart.

"OK, Scott, fuck me, fuck me hard and fill me with your cum." Tami was hotter than I ever saw her; a few days ago she was nervous about letting someone film us while fucking; now she wanted a stranger to fill her pussy with his cum.

Scott wasted no time. With his hands griping the back of her thighs he held her open and back so he could fuck her as she requested, hard and fast. Sweat was running down his back, his face was locked in an intense sexual grimace. Tami's head was lifted as she strained to see this young stud's cock pound her cunt.

Finally, Scott let out a loud groan of pleasure as he fell between my wife's breasts, his cock pressed to the hilt of her cunt. His body shook and shivered as he unloaded his semen into my wife. His orgasmic spasms lasted at least a minute before he relaxed and lay motionless upon her nude body.

As Scott rolled off her and stood to go and clean up, Tami grabbed his hand, "Wait, let me do that." she then got up on her knees, leaned down and took his sticky flaccid cock into her mouth. As I watched her clean Scott's cock of their combined sexual fluids, I saw a thick stream of cum sliding down her thigh and a white plug of cum between her cunt lips.

Quickly, I mounted her from behind and fucked her hard and fast blasting my load into her in less than a minute. She turn around smiled and took my cum coated cock into her mouth.

After cleaning my cock she laid back on the bed, legs apart and said with a satisfied smile on her face "That was fun, when do you want to shoot another movie?"

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