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We live in a city that had worked very hard to eliminate all types of adult entertainment so there are no adult bookstores, video booths, or strip clubs of any type. While this has supposedly cleaned up the community from the less desirable folks it has gone a long way towards producing a community that has to go elsewhere for fun. This is about one of those adventures.

We had been on the road for many hours, and although it was only 4pm we'd passed the half way point on our journey and decided we might as well stop for the night. As we exited the freeway to look for a motel we both noticed that we passed an "adult" video store as we drove to the motel. Sam commented on how you don't see them much anymore given the popularity of the internet, and how our city doesn't have anything like that.

She's never been in a store that caters to adult pleasures, and it's been many years since I've been in one so I suggested that perhaps we should stop in for a visit. However, we were both tired and hungry so she suggested that "perhaps later" would do better. I think this might have been her way to dismiss the idea, but it did leave an opening for some possibilities.

We checked into the motel, nothing fancy, but clean and very quiet since it was the middle of the week. As soon as we'd hauled in the bags and used the bathroom we talked about what we wanted to eat, and what we should do for the next couple of hours. I suggested she might find something to eat at the adult store to which she replied that she wanted "real food and she would take care of my sausage later on."

We found a restaurant close by and ate a very non-inspiring meal served by a very perky young waitress. She kept coming back to the table to see if we needed anything more I thought she was doing a great job. Sam thought she was just looking for a bigger tip, and that's why she was wearing a low cut t-shirt that showed quite a bit of cleavage every time she leaned over to pick up the dirty dishes or refill the coffee cups. Either way it worked and she did get a very good tip.

It was still quite early, and as were driving back to the motel we passed the video store once again so I asked Sam if she'd like to stop in and see what inside. She thought about it for awhile, and after we'd passed it finally responded with "if you'd like to, then it might be fun." I quickly turned around drove back into the parking lot.

There were just 2 cars already sitting in the lot, which was a relief, so we wouldn't have to deal with a large group of people on the inside. Sam really didn't know what to expect, and it had been a long time since I'd been in one of the places and the adult business zoning requirements in each city vary a great deal.

We entered the store like a couple of young kids out for an adventure that our parents wouldn't approve of. The first room of the store was filled with videos and sexual toys for sale. Sam was quite giddy and giggling at the vast array of plastic cocks and vibrators and soon started walking up and down the aisles of the video section.

I started talking with the guy working behind the counter and told him about the city we lived in and how these type of stores don't exist any more. He told me that the nearby large city was the same way and that's why he was out here in a small town with less rigid city codes. He explained that there were video booths in the back that were big enough for couples, and I quickly bought a supply of tokens. He offered that we should try out booth 3, so I found Sam and took her through the door into the back room.

As bright as the front room was this room was as dark as night. It took awhile for our eyes to adjust enough before we could even see the numbers on the doors. Sure enough booth 3 was in the middle of the few booths that were there, and it looked to be a bit larger than the others as well. We went into the booth and slid the lock closed on the door. The booth was quite dark and had only one chair in it, so Sam ended up sitting on my lap facing the screen. The only light was over the slot where the tokens were accepted. As we adjusted to the darkness I quickly unhooked Sam's bra and started to caress her little tits from behind. I don't think she had noticed, but I was aware that each side of our booth had a hole in it that was about 3 inches in diameter.

As soon as I could see good enough I put in a couple of tokens, each was good for 10 minutes, and the booth was lit up but the light from the video screen. The choice of video was easy to make as I selected one that showed a single female taking on several men at once. We watched for a couple of minutes, all the while hugging and kissing and soon I had pulled her t-shirt over her head and slipped off her bra.

It wasn't too much longer before Sam asked me if I wished she would be more like the woman in the video. I reminded her that I've always thought she was so good looking and sexy that she should be shared with almost everyone. She seemed to be comfortable sitting on my lap, and I'm sure she could feel my erection poking into her ass as I continued touching her while she watched the video.

In another minute or two I had worked loose the button on her shorts and had managed to get the zipper undone. This gave me just enough access to reach her clit and she was quickly starting to grind her hips up against my fingers. About this time the first token expired and the booth went dark again. We sat that way for a few seconds, and then I asked her to get naked. She quickly stood up and slid off her shorts. By now all her clothes lay in a pile on the dirty floor. I'm sure she didn't consider what else might already be on the floor.

She offered that it was exciting to be naked out in a public place like this, and even though we were in a private booth, you could still hear traffic on the freeway and the music from the front counter. We could also hear a couple other videos playing, and one seemed to be in a booth next to us. I put in another token and after taking out my cock Sam settled back down on my lap.

We both enjoy it when she sits down this way as it provides me easy access to her little tits and her pussy, and she's able to line up her ass so my cock settles in nicely between her cheeks. We were enjoying ourselves and I could sense that it wouldn't take too long before Sam was going to have an orgasm. About the same time I looked closely at the side of the booth and could see that we were being watched through the hole on our left side.

I soon whispered in Sam's ear that we had a watcher and explained the situation to her. She seemed to be intrigued with the possibility and looked towards the side wall. The poor guy hadn't been able to see much as we had been facing away from him up to now. I asked Sam if we could turn the chair around and she got off me as I turned it to face the side of the booth.

We quickly sat back down and I was soon stroking Sam's nude body while a stranger watched. She'd already spread her legs so they were outside of mine so as I played with her cunt she was in full view of our watcher only a couple of feet away. We continued on like that for a few minutes and the excitement of the event was too much as soon Sam grabbed my hand, arched her back and started to shudder with an orgasm. Before she had settled down the video had also finished and we were in the dark once again.

I reached over and put in another token and by the light from the screen it was obvious that our watcher had enjoyed what we were doing. When we looked over toward the wall the eye that had been watching us had been replaced by a hard cock sticking though the hole. Sam looked at me and giggled a bit, not sure what to do next. So I nudged her forward of my lap and she grabbed onto his cock with her left hand. I slid the chair aside to give her more room and started to watch my naked wife stroke another man's cock.

About this same time I heard the video start in the booth on the other side of us, so I suspected it wouldn't be long before Sam would have 2 others, besides me, that we going to enjoy her body in some way or another.

She had squatted down in front of his cock, and although his cock was at face level she was clearly staying to the side just in case he let go. She seemed to be enjoying what she was doing as she started to alternate hands and then used both hands at once. I should add that it was a very average looking cock, not huge, not black, but just about average. After a couple minutes the guy pulled his cock back and Sam moved back up onto my lap.

She'd barely had the time to tell me "that was fun" when his cock reappeared, only this time he was wearing a condom. She wasn't sure what this meant, but it was obvious to me that he wanted to fuck her and I told her so. She was shocked at the thought and said so, but kept looking at his cock sticking through the wall. At that time I told her that she had another watcher on the other side, and as she looked over you could see part of a face peering through the hole in the wall.

Although Sam didn't really know what to do next I suggested that she might as well go ahead and fuck the guy and give him a thrill. It would also give her an experience she would remember for many years. She still wasn't sure so I helped her out a bit by turning her around and backing her up to the wall where his cock was waiting for her. I could tell when her ass made contact with his cock as she moved to the side a bit to line it up with her cunt.

She bent over at the waist and leaned on me as she reached between her legs and guided his cock into her cunt. As soon as he was in I could hear, and feel, our watcher as he pounded Sam's pussy through the wall of the booth. I pushed her back and held her against the wall so she was able to lean on me for support. It seemed to take quite along time, but it was really only a few moments before Sam looked at me and said "he's cumming now."

We waited for another minute while she held his still hard cock in her cunt and then pulled away before he would get soft and lose his condom. We soon heard the door open and close again as he quickly left us. We still had several minutes to go on our last token and as Sam sat on my lap again she asked me "now what?" I wasn't sure if she meant for right now, or for the future, so I dodged the question by pointing to the cock sticking through the other side of the booth.

She didn't say a word, but sat down on the floor in front on another strangers cock and started to stroke him with both hands. I asked her if she'd consider jacking him off and she just nodded and continued what she was doing. She was well aware that she was sitting right in front of him, and before long the cock she was stroking started to press forward and shoot streams of cum on her body.

She managed to control it enough so it didn't hit her face, but her little tits were covered with his cum. As soon as she was done she turned to me and as I guided her head she quickly enveloped my cock with her mouth. I'd already watched my wife fuck another guy through the wall, and jack off another onto her tits, so it didn't take long before I was ready to cum.

I asked if she'd take a facial, and without a response just pulled back and let me shower her face with cum as she has so many times before. It seemed that this time I had a extra shot or two for her and she was quite covered with cum. I watched as my cum dripped off her cheeks and chin and joined the strangers cum that was already drying on her tits and belly.

The video soon ended and we sat in the dark for a few moments. She was still kneeling on the floor in front of me, naked and covered with cum. She asked me what I wanted to do now, so I asked the same question to her. I offered that we could clean up at much as possible and go back to the motel, or I could get more tokens and she could continue being a whore if she wanted.

She didn't say anything for what seemed like hours, as she processed the possibilities. I was surprised that this was even something that she would have to think over, but she offered that this was a once in a life time event and maybe she should make the most of it. However, she said that she only wanted to do what I wanted and should was ready to go back to the motel too.

I suggested that we give it another chance and pulled my clothes on to go get some more tokens. I left her sitting in the booth, alone and naked, while I hurried up to the front counter. When I got there the clerk asked if we were "having fun" as he passed along a couple extra tokens to me for free. I also said he'd be back to visit soon and asked what she was willing to do. I quickly told him she was up for hand jobs, or maybe sex or a blow job with a condom, and went back to the booth where Sam was waiting.

I knocked on the door and she quickly opened the latch and let me in. I put in a couple of tokens without any thought about what was going to play and as the booth became brighter we could see that each wall now had a cock sticking through the hole. One of them was already wrapped in a condom, so it was obvious what they wanted, and the other was bare.

Sam knew the system by them and backed up against the wall and took her second strangers cock into her pussy. She didn't have to help this time and was able to lean into the wall without my holding her up. This placed her directly across from the other cock sticking out so she just reached up and grabbed on while the stranger banged away at her through the wall.

She talked to me about how strange "anonymous sex" felt, that it didn't have anything to do with affection, but more an animal type of behavior. Sex, just for the sake of having sex and for the male having an orgasm. She said she kind of enjoyed the not knowing who was back there, and who was in front of her. About the same time she pulled her ass away from the wall as he was finished and she concentrated on stoking the cock in front of her.

Once again she worked him until he sprayed his cum across the booth and covered her arm all the way to her shoulder. As soon as he was done she dropped his cock and turned toward me, as if to tell me she was done, but noticed that a new cock had come through the wall where she had just recently been fucked. She reached up and grabbed onto it, and realized that it was also covered in a condom, but had no lubricant on it.

She mentioned it to me and asked why it was that way, so I told her that perhaps it's for a blow job. She just smiled but leaned over and licked the end of the cock and told me it was mint flavored too. I told her to go for it, but she already had her lips wrapped around it and was well on her way to taking it deep into her mouth.

This was a new experience for her (I would guess so) and she stopped several times to remark on how odd it felt to be sucking on a condom, but it did taste good. It wasn't long before she started to really get into a rhythm and her head was rapidly going back and forth as I watched this strangers cock go in and out of my wife's mouth. I was surprised that this guy was able to last so long, but eventually her ability to suck cock won out and he filled the condom with cum.

She seemed disappointed to not feel his orgasm and his cum so as she let go of his cock with her mouth she reached up and peeled off his condom and stroked his gooey cock a few times before she wiped off her hand on the thigh. After that she turned to me and said "ok, let's go" as if nothing out of the ordinary had been going on for the past hour or so.

The video was still playing, so the booth was well lit, as she stood up and started to look for her clothes. We both laughed when we say they were on the floor and had several big globs of cum on them. She started to pick up her clothes and shake them out a bit. I took her panties and wiped off some of the cum from her face and neck and then stuffed them through one of the holes in the wall. She chuckled at that and then handed me her bra to push through the hole in the other booth.

She quickly slid on her shorts and pulled her T-shirt over her head. The shorts were still clean but the shirt was spotted in several places, and even more spots appeared as the cum from her body soaked into the fabric. I asked if she was ready to go, and opened up the door to leave.

We made a quick exit from the store and Sam didn't look at anyone as we moved through the brightly light front room. Once we were out in the light it was obvious that she was soaked with cum, and it looked like she'd been well used (which she had). I noticed that the front counter guy was grinning as we passed by him and that a "mint condom" wrapper was laying on counter.

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