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Sex Story

It was summertime. Plenty of hot, sunny days, and today, Saturday, was one of them. Saturday was also the day that Jim would collect his window cleaning money and he was due today.

I easily convinced Wendy she should spend the day sunbathing, and as we weren't expecting guests (Jim rarely came into the house when collecting his money) I also convinced Wendy she should wear her black string bikini as opposed to a more modest one-piece swimsuit.

Amazingly Wendy wasn't happy her curvy 38D figure although most men I knew would tell me how much it would get them excited, especially when she dressed in more figure-hugging clothes.

It was now the afternoon, the sun was bright in a cloudless sky. Wendy lay there in her bikini that left little to the imagination. She looked totally fuckable lying there but with Jim coming round I tried to keep busy elsewhere. He was due soon and I chose to ignore the opportunity of applying sun lotion to Wendy's back in the hope that Jim might do it for me.

The doorbell rang. It was Jim.

"At last" I thought.

"Hi, come in, go through to the back garden, I'll be with you in a minute" I said to him.

He went through and stood on the patio, not venturing towards Wendy. I asked him to go to her and keep her company whilst I got him his money.

I shouted to Wendy "Look after Jim whilst I get his money.....maybe he'll be kind enough to out some lotion on you?"

I could see they were both a bit embarrassed by my comment to the point that Wendy asked Jim if he could do the honours.

I couldn't believe she asked him - glad she did but couldn't believe it nonetheless.

I stood there in the kitchen, Wendy turned her back towards Jim and untied the strap across her back. The site of her stripping before another man, even just to get sun tan lotion put onto her back was exciting me. I stood there watching him rub it into her back and was getting the biggest erection I had had that week.

He rubbed the lotion in with his big hands across her shoulders and down the side of her body. I strained to see whether he would try to touch the side of her breasts, hoping he would, and hoping Wendy would enjoy it. He kept rubbing the lotion in, all the way down to her thong briefs. Her head titled backwards as if she was being massaged and enjoying a man's hands all over her.

When Jim had finished Wendy turned towards him whilst still tying her top up at the back. With her hands behind her she was naturally leaning forwards, almost thrusting her half covered breasts into Jim's face. Her skin glistened in the sun, beads of sweat dripping down her cleavage. I imagined for a split second the bikini top falling down revealing her breasts to Jim but it was not to be.

Meanwhile, I pretended not to be able to find my wallet and called Wendy indoors so she could pay him. I handed Jim a cold beer in order to make him stay a while longer.

Whilst Wendy went indoors Jim said to me "I hope you didn't mind me helping Wendy there".

"Trust me" I replied, "my pleasure, did you enjoy it?"

Jim didn't expect that question from me but replied anyway "You are a lucky man, I'd love to have a woman like that".

"You could have a woman like that" I told him, not adding that I actually wanted to say "I wish you could have Wendy".

Wendy returned and we went quiet. "Not talking about me were you?"

"Just admiring your bikini darling".

Wendy blushed, handed Jim the money and shrugged, saying "Typical men" before retreating to her sun lounger.

With Wendy out of earshot I turned to Jim "She fancies you really. I've seen her flirting with you"

Jim looked at me, a bit embarrassed that I had noticed "Sorry about that, I hope you don't think I'm...."

"It's alright Jim" I said, "It's cool by me how you are with her. Makes me feel good, turns me on to be honest seeing it. Nice to know other guys find her sexy. She enjoys the company of nice guys like you too".

"To be honest I'd love to see her fuck another guy but she hasn't come round to my way of thinking yet - maybe she needs to meet the right man" I said, looking straight at him.

Jim said nothing, I think he was unsure about what exactly I was trying to say, but I told him we would be at the local bar tonight if he wanted to meet us for a drink and a chat later.

Later that evening Wendy and I were getting ready to go out for those drinks and to hit the dance floor. Wendy wanted to show off her tan and decided on a short white skirt and white, cropped top. With her heels she looked vary tarty (not that I complained!) but her need to show off her tan was greater than her concerns at looking tarty in front of people we might know.

We went to the bar, not planning on meeting anyone, just for a few drinks, a bit of a dance, and then a fuck on the way home outdoors somewhere (dancing was a close second to outdoor sex as Wendy's biggest turn on).

After a few drinks Jim came into the bar, but didn't look at us and went to see a few male friends of his in the far corner. Wendy noticed him and I said that if he was to come over that she had to be nice to him as he felt he couldn't get a woman as good looking as her. I suggested she should dance with him to cheer him up.

"Only if you don't mind, darling" Wendy responded.

"I don't mind, just enjoy yourself" I said.

After a while Jim came over "Fancy seeing you in here Jim" I said, pretending to be surprised.

"Don't normally come here, no-one to dance with" Jim replied.

"Oh, I'm sure Wendy will oblige, be rude not to" I said looking at Wendy smiling.

"Well" Wendy replied "seeing as you won't dance with me, I'll kindly dance with Jim".

The two of them went off and I could feel my ck getting bigger just seeing them walk off.

They started dancing opposite each other for the first song, talking and laughing, flirting a bit. Wendy had started drinking earlier this afternoon so had lost some of her inhibitions already. On the second song they got a bit closer, by the fifth song she danced very close to him, placing her arms around him several times. The tempo increased, as did their moves. Wendy loved to dance and I knew once up there she wouldn't come off for a few songs. I just watched because it was a bigger turn on than dancing with her myself at the moment.

Their arms were now over each other's bodies in a sensual way and they were now getting looks from others. Wendy didn't stop because she knew I trusted her - how little did she know that I wanted this to continue right through to him fucking her in our bedroom, given half a chance. The song ended, Jim then spoke to her and they both came back to me at the bar.

Wendy looked a bit flushed, Jim went off to get his drink. Wendy said to me she was sorry as she thought she got carried away on the dance floor, but I told her the main thing was that she enjoyed herself.

Wendy said "I think Jim enjoyed himself. Don't be cross but I could feel his erection when we danced".

"Not cross at all darling" I replied honestly.

Wendy went to the toilet as Jim came back. "Wendy tells me you enjoyed that".

"I hope you didn't mind" Jim said. "She is a lovely mover too".

I had had a few beers and felt bold "Would you like to fuck her, Jim?" I asked him.

He looked at me in astonishment "I would love to, man, she is so sexy, and such a real woman, but as she is yours....".

Just then Wendy returned "Let's leave Jim before his friends give him a hard time. Honey, I'm getting tired, can we go home now?".

I could tell that Jim had turned Wendy on, as what Wendy meant was "Take me home but fuck me in the park on the way". We never usually left this early, but I wasn't going to complain.

It was still daylight outside and as it was earlier than usual there seemed to be more people about. As we walked we found we couldn't find anywhere to fuck as there were too many people about.

With Wendy slightly drunk I thought she would comply with my desires at home so I told her that I was going to take her straight home and punish her for dancing so erotically with Jim. She smiled a dirty smile at me and called me a wicked boy.

"Not as wicked as you think" I told her.

Once home, after setting up the video camera to capture the evenings events, I decided to punish her by spanking her. I bent her over the coffee table in our living room and to ensure she didn't fight back I tied her hands and legs to the legs of the table.

She was now on all fours, her head hung over one end, her arse sticking up in the air at the other. I blindfolded her with a scarf to cut of another sense and heighten the others.

I went round behind her and lifted up her short white skirt. Her thong was wet and I could see her wet lips each side of the thong.

"So the slut was showing me up by dancing with another man, then?" I spanked her arse with my bare hand.

Fingering her moist pussy I said "Well, I can see you enjoyed it, am I not good enough for you? Do you need another man to satisfy you?". I spanked her again.

Wendy winced a little "I don't need anyone but you".

"I saw you dancing with Jim, and now you are all wet. You want to fuck him, don't you? Tell me you want to fuck him. Why else are you so wet?".

I spanked her again. "Tell me you want him!".

Right on cue Jim walked down our garden into the house via the back door. I quickly jumped to my feet to meet him, as I had arranged back in the bar.

"Sshh, she thinks it just me and that I am going to pretend it's you again. She wants you, you'll hear her say so , so don't worry about it. She wants you to fuck her but she can't see or hear you. She has to think it's me, like you and I agreed, that way if she thinks she may have regretted fucking you later she will never know for sure and will actually think it was me all along"

We both went inside the living room. Jim had already taken his trousers off. Wendy was waiting, on all fours tied to the coffee table.

"Tell me again who you want to fuck now?" I said

"Jim, it's Jim I want. Yes, yes, I want him to fuck me".

"Would you like to suck his cock?" I asked.

"Yes, I want his big cock in my mouth now" Wendy almost begged.

I gestured for Jim to kneel down in front of Wendy and place his cock near her face. I stood close to Jim so the voice would seem to come from him, now kneeling in front of her.

Jim wasn't sure still but he put his 8inch, and thick cock to Wendy's face. The tip touched her lips.

"Open your mouth and start sucking, see what another man's cock is like for a change. If you haven't already tried it" I ordered Wendy.

Jim pushed his cock further into her mouth and Wendy started bobbing her head up and down, rolling her tongue round the tip as each stroke brought it outwards.

"That's it you slut, all the way. Tastes good doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?"

Wendy pulled her head back "Yes it does, Jim's cock tastes good".

"Well don't stop sucking until I tell you to". I grabbed her hair and pulled her head sharply down onto Jim's cock.

Jim was now beginning to enjoy himself, he didn't seem to worry about Wendy not knowing it was him or maybe he did think that she knew. Either way his only concern was to see Wendy suck him and then to fuck her.

He pulled his cock out and slapped it on her face. "Feels good? Lick the tip all the way down to his balls, and then suck them" I ordered.

Wendy duly obliged, her tongue salivating as it slid down Jim's shaft. She flicked at his balls before lowering her head as far as it would go in order to take one ball in her mouth. She rolled it around sucking gently before bringing her tongue back up to the tip, circling it several times before Jim had to pull it away to stop himself cumming.

Jim grabbed Wendy's hair again and moved it forcibly towards his manhood. He rammed it into the back of her throat, thrusting it again and again and again. Wendy continued to suck it like a whore, as if she had a dozen men to get through quickly in one minute.

"Feel better than mine" I asked her? "Let's see if it will feel better in your pussy. Is it time for Jim to fuck you?".

"Yes" Wendy replied "Yes, I want him to fuck me hard. Really hard, treat me like the whore I am".

Jim got up and we both went behind Wendy. He knelt down again and slapped his cock on her butt cheeks.

"Ready for it?" I continued.

"Yes, don't make me wait anymore. I want Jim to fuck me now. Treat me like a slut".

I couldn't believe Wendy talking like this - I wasn't really pushing her to say it. I knew she didn't want a threesome but I felt she would still enjoy this if she found out it really was Jim. I certainly was, I was ready to cum at any moment.

Jim got his cock in his hand and slowly guided it towards her wet lips. I thought my balls were going to explode seeing someone literally an inch from my wife's pussy, getting ready to fuck her.

He pushed the tip in, Wendy let out a small moan. He pulled it out and then pushed it in a bit further. I felt like screaming "Just fuck her!!" I couldn't bear the waiting. He pushed it back in again but this time ALL the way in.

Wendy let out a huge moan "Oooh yess, fuck me Jim, all the way with your big bad cock."

He grabbed her hips and started slowly pushing it all the way in, back out again and then back in again.

"Deeper, deeper" she moaned.

I wished then I could have gone round and put my cock in Wendy's mouth but I couldn't.

Jim started pounding her arse faster and deeper. Wendy's moans quickened.

"That's it, that feels good, don't stop, please don't stop Jim" she moaned.

"Whose better, me or your hubby here?" I asked on Jim's behalf.

"You are Jim, yes, yes, cum on, fuck me harder, deeper. I want to feel your cock all the way inside me" Wendy carried on.

Their skin slapped against each others and Jim kept thrusting himself deep into Wendy.

My precum was oozing out now. I couldn't take it any more. I gestured for Jim to cum over her face when he was ready, as apart from being the ideal way to see Wendy after being fucked it gave me a chance to cum over her at the same time.

Jim wasn't ready yet. He grabbed Wendy's hair with both hands and pulled her head back towards him. He was now pummelling her pussy as hard as he could. Wendy was now in pain and ecstasy and was screaming out loud for all her worth.

"Fuck meee, fuck mee harder harder... aaaaaaaaahh aaaaaahmmm".

Jim dropped one hand down and put his fingers into Wendy's mouth, getting her to suck on them whilst he fucked her from behind.

She continued to scream and moan together until she climaxed a few moments later, panting heavily.

Jim then pulled his cock out, quickly went round to Wendy's face and came immediately over it. Wendy's mouth opened a second too late for his first load but I shot my cum a moment later into her mouth, with our next few bursts of sticky cum splashing over her face, eye mask and hair . She looked like a cheap whore. Jim followed up by slamming his cock into her mouth.

"Suck it clean" I ordered.

Wendy obliged like a loving wife, and used her tongue to lick up the dripping spunk that covered the length of his whole shaft.

Jim looked at me and smiled. I smiled back as he got up to leave.

"Well, you enjoyed that a lot for a 'punishment'?" I told Wendy.

"Hmmm, that felt good, that's why" she replied.

"Mmm, I wonder what fucking Jim is 'really' like?" she finished.

Jim was already out of the door. Moments later I saw him walking down the garden path and out of vision.

"I wonder? Would you want to?" I replied.

"Just in my imagination for now" Wendy finished.

Well, amazingly, I managed it. Not quite the way I would have liked but I got to see my wife fucked by another man. Now I just needed to get her consent for the next time.

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