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Tom and Linda had both met my wife Valerie. Tom had known Val for a long time. Back before he had married Linda. Linda met her at a couple of parties we attended when visiting in KC. Val is quite a woman. She is 5' 9" in her bare feet and has a 38-inch bust over a 28-inch waist and 36-inch hips. Bearing two sons has not injured her figure in the least. Val has very firm breasts. I can suck on them for hours and love to shoot my cum all over them and then get hard again watching her rub it in.

Although Val is very sexy and loves fucking, she has never expressed any fantasies, even though I have asked her countless times. Not even when she is hot has she shared even a single fantasy. She will sometimes watch a porno flick with me, but knowing how much they turn me on, she will turn away from the screen and suck me while I watch.

When I would be with Tom and Linda, they would ask about her. Val knows she has great breasts and often goes braless when an affair is very casual. You can always tell when she is braless because her nipples are perpetually hard and visible. Tom had mentioned that Val turns him on and Linda, although not overt, seemed to have some interest, as well. I think it was the second or third time the three of us had fucked ourselves crazy that I told Tom and Linda that I would dearly love to get Val involved but seriously doubted that I could. Her seeming lack of interest in sex, except in our bed, kept me from giving them any encouragement that I could bring Val into our games.

While living in Chicago, we had bought a 38-foot pleasure boat that we kept in Benton Harbor, Michigan and stayed on almost every weekend from May through September. One evening Val asked me if I thought Tom and Linda would like to come and spend a long weekend with us on the boat. My cock started to get hard immediately. My imagination started to actively envision the possibilities. As calmly as I could, I told her I didn't know, but we could offer an invitation and see if they accepted. Val had always liked Tom, calling him a cute little shit. He was barely as tall as she was. Val and Linda also got along nicely.

The next day I called Tom from my office. I used his private line, as I wanted to share the good news and issue the invitation. I could tell he was as excited as I was about the possibilities. The idea of watching Tom fuck Val had been a long held fantasy, one I wanted to enjoy. I was going to KC the following week and Tom and I decided that the three of us would plan Operation "Seduce Val". We then set the date for them to come to the boat.

Rather than bore you with the details of the plan, I will only say that Tom, Linda and I got so fucking hot talking about it that we all came several times in anticipation. Tom was particularly excited and asked if Val liked to have her tits fucked because that was one of his fantasies about her. I told him she did and she liked to rub cum into her tits after I jacked off on them. I think that is when he blew his third load of the evening!

When I told Val they had accepted and would be in Chicago in two weeks, she seemed very pleased. We were to pick them up Thursday evening. They would stay at our house that night and we would drive to Benton Harbor the next morning. Our "Seduce Val" plan was to reestablish the friendship Thursday night and get Val in a festive mood for the weekend.

Thursday night was a big success. The weather forecast for the weekend looked great. We had martinis, steaks and a fine wine for dinner. By bedtime we were all feeling no pain. It was a big temptation to make a move that evening but that wasn't the plan.

When Val and I got in bed and turned off the light, she snuggled up close and her hand crept down to my crotch. I turned to give her better access and kissed her deeply. I slipped my hand down to her cunt. She was already wet. Interesting! My cock was hard as she pulled me over on top of her and slipped my cock into her tight, wet hole.

"Fuck me Reg! Fuck me HARD" she moaned in my ear. Her hips were bucking against me taking my cock very deep. I like to fuck on my hands so I can look down at a woman's tits and watch her emotions play across her face. Val's hands were busy. One was pulling on her hard, long nipples while the other frantically stroked her clit. She was desperately hot! In my mind I could imagine what it would be like to have Tom fucking Linda next to us and then changing partners at least once.

My speed picked up and Val was over the top. Val is not quiet when she climaxes and that night was no exception. As she squeezed her tits and fucked me with a vengeance I felt my balls starting to contract. As I started to shoot, she moaned, "On my tits, Reg. On my tits!" I pulled out and shot one of my biggest loads on her as she rubbed my hot cum into her hard, beautiful tits.

After we caught our breath, she kissed me, and said goodnight. Within minutes she was sound asleep. When I could tell she was asleep, I got out of bed and crept into Tom and Linda's room. "Jesus," Tom said, "You must have fucked her silly. We could hear you two in here! I thought Linda was asleep", he continued, "so I started to jack off. Then I realized Linda was jacking herself as she listened with me. We both came and I don't think all my cum made it onto Linda. Hope Val doesn't mind a few pecker tracks in the guest room!" he laughed. "It's the way we judge if our guests had a good time!" I replied as I left to return to my bedroom.

We were up early and left for the boat just after sunrise. It is a two hour drive around the southern tip of Lake Michigan and then up the eastern shore to Benton Harbor. We had breakfast at a favorite café and headed to the boat. It was a beautiful morning as we pulled out of our slip and headed for the lake. Everyone had on his or her swim suits along with a top. It is very cool on the lake in the morning.

I motored out about 10 miles, dropped some fish lines and popped the first beer of the day. When on vacation an ice-cold beer hits the spot for breakfast. I call it liquid granola! Tom joined me with a beer while Val and Linda went below to fix themselves bloody marys. About noon we had caught the fish we planned to have for dinner, had lunch and just let the boat drift in the light breeze. The lake would be crowded Saturday morning with fishermen and pleasure boaters, but on Friday it seemed to be only us. The air was warm so we quickly got rid of our tops. Tom and I had on Speedo type suits while the girls had chosen bikinis. Val had questioned me before we left home if I thought it would be ok to wear her bikini. I assured it would be fine! She looks great in it. Val in her white bikini and Linda in her silver one were two very desirable females to behold, indeed. Both Tom and I had to adjust our cocks a bit in our tight trunks. Linda saw us and smiled.

As the sun warmed, Linda asked if she could go to the bow of the boat and sunbathe. Val told her of course and that she would join her. I quickly reminded Val of Captain Reg's rule number one...No tops when sunbathing. Since it was generally only Val and I on the boat, she had never questioned me before. However, with quests she quickly said, "You are kidding, aren't you?" "Nope", said, "Rules are rules!"

Val looked quickly at Linda who just smiled and shrugged. "When in Rome..." she laughed.

The two girls went forward whispering as they went. When they got to the sunbathing area, they both turned toward us and with smiles on their faces, undid the bikini tops and struck a very sexy pose.

"Are these what you guys wanted to see?" Val asked in obvious good humor. My mouth went dry, as I looked at first one then the other. God, they were sexy! My hand found its way to my crotch where I felt my hardening cock through my suit. Tom just stared, as he had never seen Val's tits completely bare. "Jesus", was all he could say.

Both Linda and Tom could see that Val was accustomed to sunbathing nude as her tits were the same deep tan as the rest of her. I heard her tell Linda to rub some of the suntan lotion into her breasts so they wouldn't burn. Tom and I were in the cockpit of the boat as the girls rubbed lotion into their tits. We both had our hard cocks out slowly stroking as we watched. Tom started to stroke faster as I knew he was thinking about Val rubbing his hot cum into her tits as he watched her slowly rub in the lotion. I reached over and grasped his wrist and told him to hold it, I thought he would need that load later!

After about thirty minutes they turned over on their stomach but not before they removed their bikini bottoms. I heard Linda tell Val that she didn't want her ass to burn but she couldn't reach it to apply the lotion. Without hesitancy Val squirted some lotion on Linda's exquisite ass and start to slowly rub the lotion in. In addition to Linda's ass, Val rubbed lotion onto her back and the back of her legs. I could swear I saw Linda part her legs a bit when Val started on the back of her thighs.

After Val finished, Linda, without asking if it was ok, started rubbing lotion into Val's ass and thighs. I heard Val tell her that doing it was usually my job, but that Linda had great hands. Val's head was pointed away from us so she couldn't see Tom and me. I doubt if she was even thinking of us as Linda worked the cool lotion into her ass.

Linda looked at Tom and me and with her eyes signaled she wanted to see what we were doing. We raised up and showed her our hard cocks. She smiled and mouthed the words; "Save it!" as her hands disappeared between Val's slightly spread thighs. About 5 o'clock we headed back to harbor to clean the fish and get ready for the evening.

The sleeping arrangements aboard our boat provided little privacy. The master cabin was in the bow of the boat with only a curtain separating it from the main salon. The guest bed was made by lowering the dining table and rearranging the seating area. We had a head with a shower. We took turns getting cleaned up and dressed for the evening. Tom and I had white shorts and nautical tops while the girls had very skimpy sundresses that left little to the imagination.

I made the martinis while Tom got the bar-b-que going for the fish. As we cooked we could hear the girls giggling in the galley. We couldn't see much but we did see them hug each other several times as they prepared the side dishes. Tom had told me that Linda had said that Val seemed to be really turned on as she rubbed the lotion into her ass and legs. She said she had casually grazed Val's pussy and asshole with her fingertips and Val hadn't objected in the least. Operation "Seduce Val" was ahead of schedule!

It was a beautiful sunset as we sipped our cocktails and simply enjoyed each other's company and the evening. Dinner was fantastic and the after dinner brandy further mellowed the night. About eleven o'clock Linda casually asked Tom if he had brought any grass. Tom looked at Val and me and said that he had. Val and I used to do a joint periodically, but when we moved to Chicago had lost our supplier.

"Would you guys join us?" Linda asked. Val looked at me and then said, "Of course!" Tom rolled a fat joint, lit it and took a big hit, passing it to Linda. Linda took an equally big hit and passed it to Val. We all watched as Val took the fragrant smoke deep into her lungs remembering to hold it there as long as possible. I had to reach over and take the joint out of her hand as she held the smoke deep with her eyes closed and a dreamy look on her face. I took a hit and passed it back to Tom.

The joint was part of the plan. I had told Tom and Linda how hot Val got when we did weed. That she became a hot slut begging to be fucked with a hard cock. We hoped it would happen again tonight.

About midnight after another joint and a little more brandy, we headed below for the night. We had already made up Tom and Linda's bed so the lights were turned out and Val and I headed to the V-berth in the bow. As it was warm neither of us put on any nightclothes.

As we lay down, Val whispered, "What a wonderful day!" She turned to me and asked if I thought we could fuck without disturbing Tom and Linda. I said sure baby, and pulled her to me. With weed we always drifted simply feeling each others body and building to a major need to cum. We were lying on her sides and Val's leg was up over mine as I masturbated her with the tip of my hard cock. Our tongues dueled as my fingers pulled on her hard nipples and her hands cupped my balls. She whispered, "Do you hear that? I think Tom is fucking Linda." There was a slight catch in her voice as I rubbed my cock faster against her clit.

The sounds from Tom and Linda got louder. They were only about twelve feet away. Val pulled me over onto her and guided my cock into her hot, wet cunt. As I moved over her I slyly moved the curtain back so Tom and Linda could see us.

I must have slowly fucked Val for ten minutes when I sensed we were not alone. Carefully, Linda and Tom had joined us with Linda on her back and Tom above her balls deep in her cunt. As I said, Val gets very dreamy on weed so she didn't immediately realize we had company. Only when Linda let out a deep moan did Val become aware of their presence. She turned her head and saw Linda first only inches away and then looked up and saw Tom fucking her.

"Oh Christ", Val said as she bucked against me. It was obvious she was turned on by their being so close. As I tried to control the pace she turned back to Linda who moved her head a little closer until their lips met. Tom and I could both see their tongues entwined as they stared into each other's eyes. Linda then reached over and started to caress Val's tits. Val moaned again as Linda's fingers tugged at Val's hard nipples.

Linda looked up at Tom and asked him to fuck her from behind. Tom pulled out and I could see Val stare at Tom's raging cock. Linda got on her knees and Tom penetrated her from behind. With Linda now on her knees she could get better access to Val. Her mouth was everywhere; on Val's mouth, ears, tits, everywhere. I just about lost it when Linda moved forward and let a tit fall into Val's mouth. My beautiful wife took it like a newborn baby, licking and sucking for all she was worth.

While Val teased Linda's nipples I heard Linda softly say, "Tom wants to fuck you Val, he wants you very badly." Val hesitated for a moment and looked up at me. I could see the heat in her eyes. She asked, "Do you want to fuck Linda, Reg?" I smiled and nodded, letting her know that yes, I wanted to fuck Linda and it was ok for her to fuck Tom.

She smiled at all of us as I pulled my cock out of her steaming cunt. I moved aside as Tom took my place, quickly plunging his rod into Val before she had a chance to change her mind. Linda and I watched for a few minutes enjoying the pleasure we saw on their faces. Linda told me to lie on my back. She wanted to mount me so she could watch Val enjoying Tom's hard cock and so Val could see my cock plunging in and out of her cunt as she rode me to victory.

Although we all wanted the moment to last as long as possible, we were so hot that we could barely control our actions. "Oh God", Linda said, "Reg's cock is so long. He is banging against the back of my womb!" This seemed to please Val as she pulled Tom down and through gritted teeth said, "Fuck me Tom, I know you have wanted to, so fuck me good. Fill me full of your hot cum! Reg, Tom is fucking me hard! I am ready to cum! Shoot your cum into Linda when he shoots into me! OK?

"Yes", I moaned as Val's words triggered Tom's orgasm and he bellowed out his pleasure.

Linda had my face in her hands as she moaned, "Give it to me Reg! God, give it to me! Tom is filling Val's cunt and NOW YOU FILL MINE!"

I grabbed Linda's hips and held her firmly in place as spurt after spurt of my seed filled her greedy pussy. Seeing me cum in Linda sent Val over. She bucked against Tom as he shot the last of his load deep into her. She moaned and then screamed simply YES! As she reached the top.

As each of us came back to earth, we started to laugh. We were four close friends who had shared with each other the most important person in their life. We all fell asleep in the V-berth. I never told Val that I had been fucking with Tom and Linda before they came to Chicago. Just before I left for a trip to KC she told me with a grin it was ok for me to do a threesome with them, if she could fuck me and Tom when he came to Chicago.

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